We are conducting tours for the 2021-2022 academic school year.
Homes availability is going QUICKLY, we only have 1 home left!

1207 W Lovell rented through July 2022
1211 W Lovell rented through July 2022
421 Stone AVAILABLE Aug 2021
427 Stone rented through July 2022
1132 Greenwood rented through July 2022
1127 California rented through July 2022
3030 W Michigan rented through July 2022
4303 W Michigan rented through July 2022

2021 NEWS!  We are looking to expand, if you have an investment property for sale, feel free to contact us !

Strong Rentals LLC was founded in 2008. Being born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI we are proud of our city.  Throughout the city, you will find various historic homes, some over 100 years old.  Strong Rentals LLC takes pride in these homes, and have purchased, and are continuing to purchase, historic homes near the campuses of Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University with the goal of complete renovations.  These renovations often include new drywall, new ceilings, colorful palettes, hardwood floors, appliances, landscaping, etc.  We present these homes as if we were living in there, and in fact, one of our rentals was a home we lived in!  We take pride in our beautiful homes, to be used as your home!

Matt and Laura Strong
Landlord/Founders Strong Rentals LLC