Important Phone Numbers to Have:

Kalamazoo Silent Observer — (269) 343-2100
Kalamazoo Public Safety — (269) 337-8994
W.M.U. Police — (269) 387-5555

How do I contact Strong Rentals LLC?   You may also email us here.  Business hours are Mon-Friday 9-5pm.  If you contact us after that time, we will contact you on the next business day, unless it’s an emergency.

How do I request a maintenance visit?  Please log into your Hemlane account to submit quick maintenance requests.

How do I pay rent?  Please log into your Hemlane account to pay rent.

Do I need renter’s insurance?  Renter’s insurance is not required, but definitely recommended!  You can typically get it for under $20 per month.  This insurance will cover all of your property in the event of fire, flooding, or burglary.

How do I get the utilities in my name?  Please see the link for utilities for the most commonly used utility companies.

Where do I store my garbage container?  Garbage containers must be stored no closer to the street right-of-way than the nearest vertical roof-supporting member of the main structure on the property.  The lid or cover must be kept closed.  Containers that are improperly located, have their lids open, or have garbage spilling out of them may be subject, without notice, to immediate corrective action by the City, with the cost of that action being billed to you.

Garbage containers may be placed on the curb lawn no sooner than 8pm of the day before the scheduled collection day and must be removed from the public right-of-way no later than 11pm of the collection day.  Garbage containers put out too soon or left out too long may be subject to immediate corrective action will result in a fine.

How can I get rid of large items?  You can place items intended for collection at or near the curb lawn no earlier than 7am on the day before the scheduled pickup.  All items not picked up for any reason, must be removed within 2 days of the pickup.  If items are placed too soon or not picked up timely, the City may take immediate enforcement action, without notice, and bill the clean-up cost to you.  Acceptable items include: up to 7.5 cubic yards per month of bulk trash materials (household junk and debris).  Unacceptable items include: garbage, human waste, yard waste, dead animals, tires, large auto parts, rocks, sand, glass, concrete, remodeling/renovation materials in large enough quantities to warrant a special removal arrangement.  Call (269) 337-8215 with questions.  Your bulk pickup day is the 2nd Monday of every month.

What else can the city fine me for?  Furniture, trash, brush or any other unsightly materials that are placed in the curb lawn within the public right-of-way outside the time frame allowed for monthly collection are considered to be public nuisances and subject to immediate corrective action by the City without notice, resulting in a fine.

Please pick up all litter, trash and unsightly debris on the property.  If not, you could receive a nuisance violation notice from the City’s Code Administration Division with a fine.  If the nuisances are not removed within 10 days of the notice, the City will take immediate action, remove the nuisances, and bill the expense to you. If you have any questions, you can call the Department of Public Services at (269) 337-8215.

During the winter times, please make sure the sidewalk as well as the drive is cleared of snow.  Additionally, do not block the end of the driveway or the sidewalks with your vehicles.

Can I sublease my part of the lease? Please log into your Hemlane account and contact your landlord through your messages section.

Can I have a pet?  Please log into your Hemlane account and contact your landlord through your messages section.  We do allow approved pets for an additional cost.

Can I change anything in the house-paint, floors?  Nothing in the house can be permanently changed without written permission from the Landlord.